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Title: Recollection
Series: 100 Original Fics
Character: Fox Maharassa
Author: Avarice

Prompt: 025 - Strangers
Rating: G
Pairing: Fox/Collin
Spoilers: -
Summary: Time has a habit of changing people.
Word Count: 230
Date First Posted: 02-06-2009
Date Revised: 02-06-2011
Beta: Eike
Awards: -
Notes: Towards the end of the series run, the boys had very much changed from the characters we first saw. Those changes can be hard to accept sometimes, especially if changes to both parties mean they don't necessarily fit as well together anymore.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.

Also Archived At: LJ

Sometimes Fox forgets that Collin's cut his hair.

He sees him from behind with the short back and sides and almost doesn't recognise him. It's so different from the image of Collin as provided by his brain that it almost surprises Fox when he does see him.

Somehow, the mental picture of Collin Fox possesses is perpetually stuck at him aged 19 -- blond, long bangs, fierce blue streak, condescending sneer, irascible attitude. Out of his parent's home and on his own, just starting to truly find himself. Still cutting and sharp and cynical, but always having a genuine smile and real warmth for Fox.

Fox remembers the two weeks in high school that Collin dyed his hair black and listened to The Cure and Sisters of Mercy non-stop (he also remembers nearly biting his tongue clean off to refrain from commenting).

He remembers helping to re-dye the blue after forced bleaching incidents at the Sri'vastra residence.

He remembers the first time he reached out to touch the long straw-coloured strands in his first definitely-not-best-friendly gesture.

He remembers creating faux-hawks with shampoo in shared bathing incidents where a mid-sized bathtub was entirely too small to house two strapping young men such as they were.

Fox stares at the back of Collin's head with its short back and sides hair cut and wonders if he'll ever get used to it.



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