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Title: Coming Home
Series: 100 Original Fics
Character: Fox Maharassa
Author: Avarice

Prompt: 027 - Parents
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fox/Collin
Spoilers: post-FH
Summary: Collin's homecoming after a typical day at work.
Word Count: 2181
Date First Posted: 05-10-2009
Date Revised: 02-06-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: More fewchur fic. The first one I ever wrote, as a matter of fact. This was completed fairly early on, possibly around 2003/04, as it references Fox still having his piercing up until the time they had kids. In FH canon, he did dispense with it over the course of the comic's run, like the purple hair dye :) Also, Fox used to type/sing 'Rubber Ducky' to Collin over aim back at their apartment. Trufax.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.

Also Archived At: LJ


Collin Sri'Vastra's silver sedan pulled into the driveway of his house. He’d only moved in about six months ago, but had settled in fairly quickly. It had far more room than the apartment he'd previously lived in. The neighbors here were nice and made him feel at home.

Collin stepped out of the car, smoothing down his silver-grey suit. He picked up a brown leather briefcase -- a gift. He grinned, simultaneously disliking and finding amusing how important his attire made him look. He much preferred lounging around in battered jeans and a t-shirt, but working for the Mayor demanded a degree of respectability in his dress. That job helped pay for the house, so he wasn't about to complain.

To tell the truth, Collin didn't mind the suit much at all; he did look great in it.

"Hello, Collin. How was work?" a friendly-sounding voice asked.

Collin turned and nodded in greeting. "It was fine, Mrs Chapel."

"You're home a bit early," she tsked her tongue and shook auburn curls with gentle humor.

"It's Friday," he grinned in explanation, showcasing a wide smile he'd gotten good at using in the last few years. At 28 years of age, Collin hadn't gotten much taller than he had been as a teenager, but he had filled out a little more. Slightly broader shoulders and a more muscular torso, skin a shade darker from summers spent at the beach. The line of his jaw was stronger, neck a bit thicker, and the blue dye was long gone from his blond hair.

All in all, he had grown from an attractive boy to a very handsome man who still got plenty of attention from women and men alike. Mrs Chapel smiled back, the faintest touch of red seeping into her cheeks. It was hard not to be just a little charmed by her neighbor.

Collin excused himself politely and walked to the front door, jingling his house keys. The first thing the blond did upon entering was throw his briefcase on the sofa and take his jacket off. The house had the appearance of being deserted -- and silent -- which was highly unusual. He casually poked his head into the garage, kitchen and downstairs bathroom. No one was around.

He gently knocked on the closed door of one of the small bedrooms converted into a study. Collin received no response and the door was ajar, so he pushed it open and walked in.

It was in casual disarray, with papers and photographs, articles and books. A pair of small, rectangular reading glasses lay on top of a pile of papers, scribbled on in a careless hand. The computer next to the pile was turned on. Collin walked over and idly scanned the words on the screen. It was pretty good. With care, he made sure the document was properly saved before shutting the machine down. Taking off his tie, Collin walked upstairs.

He headed straight for his room and sat on the edge of the queen bed, taking his shoes and socks off and undoing a few buttons of his blue shirt. He sat for a moment and listened carefully to the uncharacteristic quiet. The blond wasn't used to it, and frankly didn't like it. It seemed as though the house felt the same way, holding its breath in anticipation.

A splash and a clear laugh from a child's throat broke the stillness. More splashes followed, and he picked up the strain of a song.

"...and I'm lucky that you're mine,
Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of you..."

Collin got up and silently headed for the upstairs bathroom. He moved quickly and quietly, bare feet not making a sound on the carpet. The blond leant against the doorjamb and took in the sight before him.

Fox sat in the bath opposite two tiny toddlers. The water came up to their round bellies, but barely covered Fox's knees. He wore garish board shorts with orange and yellow blooms on them and scuba diving goggles. It made his already charmingly off-key singing slightly nasally, too.

"...Rubber ducky, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of-
Rubber ducky, I'd like a whole pond of-
Rubber ducky, I'm awfully fond of you!"

He punctuated each line by tickling his little bath mates, who let out sharp, joyful squeals and flailed their arms excitedly, splashing the water. They utterly loved the attention -- and him.

Fox was born to be a father, that much Collin knew. And now he was, with beautiful twin girls -- Nefertari and Vixen. He'd had no idea what to name the girls when they were born, but as names went, they could have done a lot worse.

What surprised Collin about the situation was how much he himself felt like a dad. He couldn't get away with looking at the little girls staring up at him with their round cheeks and brown eyes and not feel it. And while their eyes weren't blue, he looked into them and knew they'd be heartbreakers anyway, just like Fox.

The twins were now three, growing so fast, and he was still forming bonds with them. They jabbered and squealed and cried and generally made a lot of noise and even more mess. It really hit home when an 18 month old 'tari had been yelling "Da! Dadada!" one day. It had taken a few moments for the blond to realise that she had been looking at him, raising her tiny arms to be held.

So he, Collin Sri'Vastra, was a father. And Fox...

Fox was still the same guy he'd always been, though there had been subtle changes over the years. Still whipcord thin, but not quite so clumsy anymore. The purple in his hair and spiky style had given way to his natural lustrous black in a slightly longer length. No longer spikes at the crown and sharp bangs, but hair the same length, flowing down smoothly to curl at the base of his neck, two large soft waves framed his face. His beloved piercing had gone when he realised in an unfortunate incident with a one-year-old Vixen that he could not have it and hug the daughter with the grabby hands to his chest. Collin smirked at that particular memory.

Fox worked almost as hard at his job writing a column in the newspaper as he did being a father to his children and a best friend to Collin. They were a lot more than that, but Collin still defined them as their first relationship -- their most significant. The fact that they were still stupidly in love with each other and had been for 8 years was important, but not as important as the fact that they were still the best of friends after 23.

His job allowed him the freedom of working from home, and that had enabled him to really raise his kids, with many tips and lots of support from his parents. To say that the Maharassas adored their grandchildren was like saying the sun was hot at midday. The pride on their faces when they saw the girls and Fox and Collin almost made the blond forget that he hadn't spoken to his parents in a few years.

Fox took a washcloth and gently finished cleaning Vixen's arms, the song having interrupted the actual bathing process. He fussed over them for a while longer and then sat back. "Well, it looks like my pretty girls are just about finished. Ready for that nap?" In answer, 'tari opened her mouth wide and yawned. Bath time was playtime, and Fox somehow always managed to tire them out just enough.

"Let me," Collin said, walking in. The twins squealed in delight when they saw him. Fox's head snapped around, blue eyes looking strange and magnified behind the scuba gear. A big familiar smile lit his features and he moved to get up, but Collin gestured for him not to.

The blond lifted Nefertari out of the bath first and expertly dried her with a fluffy white towel, pulling a pink flannel patterned nightie over her head. 'tari waited impatiently as Collin did the same for her sister, drying shiny brown hair and dressing her in a yellow patterned nightie. As an afterthought, he glanced at the tub and leant, quickly spinning the hot water tap. Fox made a startled noise as the warmer water touched him.

Collin turned back to the girls and held out his hands. They each grabbed his digits with their chubby fingers. With a slightly stooped walk, he began to lead them slowly out of the bathroom. "Stay," Collin directed Fox over his shoulder as he left.

Fox chuckled, splashing the water. "Whatever you say, Boss." Collin grinned when Fox couldn't see him and walked his daughters to their bedroom.

It was decorated with bright colours and shapes, stuffed toys and pictures everywhere. A crib was on either side of the room. Padma had been denied permission to make them, much to his disappointment. Collin looked at them and let a soft breath out. "Almost ready for big girl's beds, aren't you?"

He lifted Vixen up first, kissing her on the cheek before setting the wriggling three year old gently in the crib. She immediately burrowed into her blankets and curled around a plush Animal doll. Collin shook his head. Fox had gotten them hooked on the Muppets early -- watching reruns with them every afternoon.

He then turned to 'tari, who was already standing with her arms raised to be picked up. Collin smiled tenderly down at her. Both loved him, but 'tari seemed to cling to Collin the most. It had taken him a while to process the fact that he was the little child's favourite. She wrapped her arms around his neck as Collin hugged her for just a moment longer. With a kiss, he lay her down. 'tari preferred to sleep with a little hand curled firmly around Gonzo's nose.

It didn't take more than a few moments for the little ones to slip into the deep sleep he envied. "Sleep tight," he whispered to the slumbering children. With one final glance their way, he headed back to the bathroom.

The tub was halfway full with warm water when he got back. Fox lounged back, arms behind his head, legs too long to fully fit in, so feet were propped up on the porcelain rim. The scuba goggles were up off his eyes and resting on the top of his head. "Munchkins asleep?"

"Soon as they hit the pillows," Collin answered, undoing the rest of the buttons on his shirt.

"Work alright?" Fox smiled and sat up slightly, tugging at the cord of his board shorts.

"Mhm." Collin undid the fly on his suit pants and pulled them down along with his boxers. "But the best part is getting home." He bent down and whipped the shorts away from Fox's legs. Fox grinned and Collin climbed into the tub, shirt unbuttoned but not removed, and straddled his legs. "It's my turn to be washed and sung to."

Fox pulled the blond up his body further to sit in his lap. "You know full well I can only sing one song halfway in tune where I don't sound like a mongoose in a thresher," he warned.

"Just so happens it's the one I want to hear," the blond replied, running his palms over Fox's wet chest. The man underneath him squirmed happily, tossing a dark lock of hair from his eyes.

"Spin doctor's choice. One more time, from the bridge," Fox cleared his throat and sang:

"Every day when I
Make my way to the tubby
I find a little fella who's
Cute and yellow and chubby

"Bastard, I am not chubby," Collin hissed as he was poked a ticklish rib, before the hand ran down over his slick hip.

"Collin baby, you're so fine
And I'm lucky that you're mine
Collin baby, I'm awfully fond of you."

Fox pulled Collin close by his wet shirttails for the big finish and a deep kiss. Collin cupped either side of Fox's face, thumbs brushing his cheekbones. It took a long moment for them to part, and when they did the brunet didn't let go of Collin's shirt.

"Can't remember the last time we did that," Collin kissed Fox's chin.

"Two weeks ago. Senility setting in already?"

Collin's lips drifted down, switching from kiss mode to bite. "I'm not the one that needs reading glasses."

"Fuck you, Sri'Vastra, they're only for when I wrii-aaah," Fox's sentence was cut off as the blond ground down. He stripped the soaking shirt from Collin's shoulders. "If you wake the kids, I'll kill you."

"If I wake the kids, I'll let you," Collin groaned into Fox's mouth, pulling the goggles off his head and throwing them over the side of the tub.

They sank further into the warm water with a soft murmur of love and pleasure.




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