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Title: Work Away
Series: 100 Original Fics
Character: Fox Maharassa
Author: Avarice
Prompt: 024 - Family
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fox/Collin
Spoilers: post-FH
Summary: Collin spends a night away from home.
Word Count: 1238
Date First Posted: 09-10-2009
Date Revised: 02-06-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: Anoooother sappy fewchur fic, written a few years before its posting date (probably around 2005). D'aww. I love Rafi speaking to Collin.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.
Also Archived At: LJ

Collin shut the door of his hotel room with a quiet click. The room was dark and seemed cold, despite the warmth in the air. The blond walked to the window and peeked through the blinds. The night was inky blue with sparkly star flecks illuminating it.

He sighed, running a finger down the glass. Shaking his head, Collin abandoned the curtains and flicked on the bedside lamp. It illuminated the mini-bar in the corner of the room. He walked over to the small fridge and opened the door. Little bottles of alcohol were neatly lined along the white shelves. Collin picked up the small bottle of vodka and studied the label before breaking the seal and quickly downing its contents.

He and the governor had gone away on business. It was a fairly frequent occurrence; they had much work to do. The days were filled with press conferences, meetings and public appearances, the nights with black tie dinner parties, benefits and awards ceremonies. Collin pulled the dinner jacket and matching cummerbund off. He was glad Fox never saw him dressed like this very often, he'd laugh so hard he'd probably burst something.


Collin had only been away for one night and it already seemed far too much. He enjoyed his work immensely, but the part that made everything worthwhile was being able to go home and slide into his familiar bed next to Fox's warm body and just relax. He missed Fox, and he missed his family.

Gradually peeling away all the layers of formal clothing, Collin was left in threadbare black boxers with a red racing stripe down each side. Pulling on an old t-shirt as well, he climbed into the hotel bed.

Collin hated hotel beds. Even in this expensive hotel, they never seemed to get it quite right. The mattress was either too hard or too soft. The blond shifted onto his side and picked up the phone on the bedside. He dialed '9' to get out of the hotel, and then punched in a familiar number.

"H'lo?" a sleepy voice answered on the other end of the line.

"Did I wake you?" Collin asked softly.

"Naw, I was just dozing," Fox replied, more awake. "Where are you?"

"Hotel. I'm finished for the night."

"Well, I've got to tell you, you're disturbing me in bed with two beautiful young women and a cute boy."

Collin couldn't help grinning. "And what kind of job are they doing in my absence?"

"They're keeping me warm, if that's what you mean."

"Can I talk to them?" he asked.

Fox smiled into the phone and looked down to the girls curled on either side of him. They were beautiful. Long lashes, oval faces, dark hair cascading down in gentle ringlets. Large brown eyes were closed in sleep. Looking past them, there was a pair of dark blue eyes, open and eager.

"Only us boys awake. You can talk to mini-me," Fox said and passed the phone to Rafi.

"Hi Daddy," Rafi said cheerfully, eyes drifting back to the flickering television.

"Hi, Rafi," Collin answered. "What are you doing up so late?"

"Daddy let us stay up to watch tv." Rafi looked across to his father to see Fox wincing and taking the remote to turn the wrestling down.

"And what is he letting you watch?" Collin asked suspiciously. Fox had gotten into trouble from both Collin and his mother about what he sometimes let the kids -- especially Rafi -- watch on late-night television. There was a definitive spoken ban on wrestling since Rafi had attempted to clothesline his sisters. No one listened to Fox's protests that it was educational.

"Little House on the Prairie," Rafi said, taking his cue from Fox. They had been rehearsing his response for a while.

"Uh-huh," Collin answered, not believing a word. "So what's happening?"

"John Landis is helping the Ingalls," Rafi replied nonchalantly, and Fox gave him the thumbs up.

Collin shook his head. Fox was too good. "Ok... did Daddy cook a nice dinner?"

"We had toast and raspberry jam." The little boy kicked his feet underneath the blankets. "Grandpa came over to fix the stove."

The blond sighed. "Let me guess, we need a new element, or a new hot plate... or a new stove."

"There were sparks!" Rafi said in a pleased voice.

Collin ran a careless hand through his hair. "Anything burn down?"


"Well, that's something."

"I miss you," Rafi told him. "I had karate today." Collin gripped the phone a little bit tighter. He always took his son to karate, and missed the outing terribly.

"Did you learn the new punch?" he asked.

"Yeah. When do you come home? You need to help me practice."

"I'll be home the day after tomorrow. Just don't practice on anyone else until I'm there," Collin warned, positioning himself more comfortably in bed, propping the pillows up behind his shoulders.

"Ok. Will you bring me back something?" Rafi asked eagerly.

"I will," he smiled.

"Back from the commercial now. Love you, bye!" The little boy handed the phone back to Fox and became engrossed in the wrestling once again before Collin could reply.

Fox took the phone. "So, what are you bringing home for me?" He asked, with just the right amount of playful huskiness. Collin shivered a little. He knew exactly what Fox would be doing if the kids weren't in bed with him.

"A nice ass," Collin replied smugly, knowing Fox couldn't be too dirty.

"Don't tease. You know tomorrow's Sunday. I'll really be missing it come morning."

"And what about the rest of me?" Collin asked softly.

"You mean have I been missing your sculpted body? Or your carved hipbones, smooth skin, flaxen hair, milky thighs, roseate lips, or sparkling eyes much?" Fox paused. "No, not really."

Collin laughed, almost hearing Fox's answering smile on the other end of the line. "I miss you," Fox said quietly, "I never sleep properly when you're away." The love in his voice was a living, breathing entity that touched Collin wherever he happened to be.

"I miss you, Kailen," Collin was alone, but he felt the need to lower his voice in response, "and you sleep like a fucking log wherever you are." The joke broke the serious tone of the conversation. Fox smiled weakly at first, then with more confidence. He gently untangled a snarl in his sleeping Vixen's hair. "Just tell me this," Collin said, growing 'serious'. "Do we need a new stove?"

"No, but you might want to invest in some asbestos suits. They wouldn't go astray."

"So you and Rafi can play Space Invaders and spook the neighborhood?" Collin thought about it. "I'll see what I can do." He looked at the digital clock embedded into the bedside table. "Ugh, I have to go now. Early day tomorrow. Give my love to the girls. I'll try and call earlier tomorrow night."

"No problems," Fox did his best to stifle a yawn. "Sleep well, 'k Boss? Come back to us soon."

"I love you," Collin said, meaning it.

"Love you," Fox responded.

They said their goodbyes and hung up. Collin put the receiver back in its cradle gently and turned the light off. Fluffing the pillows, he rolled over and got as comfortable as he could. It wasn't home and it wasn't his bed, but at least he'd be able to sleep now.



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