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Title: Red Fox Invents...
Series: 100 Original Fics
Character: Fox Maharassa
Author: Avarice
Prompt: 081 - How?
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fox/Collin
Spoilers: -
Summary: Fox has a wild imagination, including (but not limited to) a witchdoctor and a caveman that may or may not bear a striking resemblance to...
Word Count: 408
Date First Posted: 2009
Date Revised: 02-06-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: written probably around 2006, it never actually got posted to LJ, just put straight up on my old fic site. This fic is another little in-joke to myself about original fic. I have a work in progress original fic on my hard drive called Alternative Medicine starring Sula the caveman. Sula was adapted from Red Fox, who is a stupid invention of Fox's. Because he's odd. While no actual parts of AltMeds are up (yet!), you can read about Sula causing all manner of drama in these other fic crossovers.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.


Call-en's meditations were interrupted by the entrance of the Red Fox. The hunter entered without hesitation, and dumped a pile of meat and furs next to the witch doctor.

The pale-skinned man looked up, slightly irritated. "What are you doing?"

"Bringing you gifts," Red Fox said proudly.

Call-en blew air out of his lips quickly. "Why? My magics are delicate, and so is my concentration."

Red Fox hunkered down next to the fire, and his pile of gifts. "I have brought you furs and the choicest cuts of meat from my hunts."

"Why?" Call-en repeated.

"It's my new idea." Red Fox snagged a burning twig from the fire. "I have decided that at this time every winter I will bring you gifts and tokens of my esteem. And you can do the same for me."

The witch doctor gave him an incredulous look. "I do not see how that is in any way productive," Call-en sneered, though he took the time to run his hand over the fur on top of the pile, which was soft and spotted.

"Productivity is not the goal," Red Fox said.

"I don't understand," Call-en frowned.

The hunter touched the witch doctor's chin. Call-en instinctively leant forward. "I understand," the pale man corrected himself.

"I knew you would." Red Fox crawled forward and --

"Oh please don't tell me you're suggesting what I think you are," Collin said as he took his shirt off.

"What do you think I'm saying?" Fox unbuttoned his jeans.

"You're suggesting that your fantasy caveman invented Valentine's Day?"

"What's to say it couldn't have happened like that?"

"The fact that Valentine's Day was based on Roman feasts in 200-something AD to start with." Collin took his shoes and socks off and sat back on their bed. "Do you need more proof?"

"Absolutely." Fox crawled up the bed and over Collin's body, straddling his waist. He began kissing Collin's neck. The blond stretched out and dropped his head back. "So where is it?" Fox murmured between kisses.

"Forget proof. Do this instead." Collin's hands skimmed down Fox's back, and he involuntarily parted his thighs as Fox's teeth bit into the base of his neck. Fox laughed softly and shuffled his body down, grinding into Collin's lower stomach.

"You know sometimes your fantasies aren't all that bad," Collin admitted.

Fox grinned. "That's all I ever wanted you to admit, baby. Now hush. Red Fox wants some sugar."




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