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Title: Pressing The Flesh
Series: 100 Original Fics
Character: Fox Maharassa
Author: Avarice

Prompt: 008 - Weeks
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Fox/Collin
Spoilers: post-FH
Summary: Rafi's teething, Collin's working, and the guys just need a break.
Word Count: 4115
Date First Posted: 24-05-2009
Date Revised: 02-06-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: More fewchur-ness. I rather like this one. This one was complete around 2006, but not posted until later. Fox's suit is based on one I saw in a menswear shop window in 2003, yes, colour and all. It was a damned fine suit.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.

Also Archived At: LJ

Collin looked great in a suit; that much had always been apparent. If Fox thought back a ways, he could remember times when Collin had come back from his parent's place, utterly disgusted at being forced into his Sunday church suit.

But that had been a long time ago. Now suits were part of Collin's everyday life. He wore a different one each day, along with a phalanx of accessorised shirts, ties and shoes. They became part of his social life, too; his social life connected to work. Dinner suits, one tuxedo, and an array of dressy alternates that were too casual for work, but were just right for after work events. Professional, but not uptight.

They were at a party thrown by Collin's boss. A very upmarket affair, with lots of important people in attendance. And Collin looked great in a suit. Fox contemplated this as he nursed a red drink with pineapple cube skewered on a foil-topped toothpick in it.

Collin looked back to him every once in a while and let the professional smile slip away for a moment to give Fox a genuine one. That smile tended to make something stir inside Fox, though he did do his best to keep it smothered.

For just over two weeks, baby Rafi had been teething. He put just about anything he could get his mitts on into his mouth, and drooled on everything else. He refused to eat, was irritable, had a lot of trouble sleeping, and ran a fever. Collin spent half the night up with him, Fox the other half. Unfortunately what little time they had left to be intimate in was usually unwittingly interrupted by one of their girls.

Apart from the few and far between trips where Collin was away more than 4 days, it hadn't been that long since they got together in a very. Very. Long time.

But after hearing her son's tired voice on the phone the night before last, Nefertari had offered to look after the kidlets not just for the night of Collin's big work party, but for the rest of the weekend as well. Upon hearing this, Collin had taken the opportunity to book a hotel room with a view and a spa bath.

And Fox had started to get twitchy. The alcohol wasn't exactly helping. It made him feel languid and good. Every time Collin threw one of his smiles his way, the feeling got better, bigger, and harder to quash.

He pulled the pineapple chunks off the toothpick with his teeth absently and watched Collin. Professional handshake, polite kiss on the cheek, compliment, compliment, compliment, surreptitious plug for his boss, compliment, polite excuse to move on. Collin was like a well oiled machine; methodical and efficient.

Fox stopped mid-chew. His brain had allowed him to think of 'Collin' and 'well-oiled' in the same thought-sentence. Fox's breath began to quicken, which he did his very best to slow. A bead of sweat formed on his forehead and he wiped it away quickly, as though it had never been. He lifted the glass to his lips and guzzled the rest of his beverage in a decidedly desperate manner.

Fox's suit was starting to chafe. It was a dark purple two-piece that Collin tended to roll his eyes at, but still allowed Fox to wear because he looked so damned good in it. With a pinch, he pulled the pantlegs away from his lap a little. If things didn't change drastically in the next few minutes, he was going to have a particularly visual problem.

It was then that Collin completely destroyed Fox's resolve. He turned while he popped an appetiser into his mouth... and... winked. With a low groan, Fox found somewhere to put down his fancy glass and made a bee-line for Collin.

Collin had just gotten to the last compliment he gave just before moving on with a particular couple when Fox reached him. Collin excused himself politely from the conversation he had Mrs Carmichael and turned to Fox. "Hey," he smiled warmly, before detecting the disquieted expression. "What is it?"

"I need to speak to you. In private," Fox said in very enunciated English.

"Is it able to wait?" Collin raised his eyebrow, unsure of what was going on.


"Oh dear, is anything the matter?" Mrs Carmichael, who'd been eavesdropping, butt in.

"It's..." The synapses in Fox's right brain fired briefly and dazzlingly, giving him the perfect excuse. "Well, it's our son."

Collin was instantly on alert, face becoming gravely serious. And predictably, he didn't want the gossipy Mrs Carmichael to hear what was going on. "We can talk over there," he gestured with his head.

The blond walked Fox to the other side of the room, but Fox made a subtle gesture to the people still in close quarters. The only private place on the entire lower level was... Collin inclined his head towards the cloakroom. Fox led the way, an anticipatory smirk on his face.

Once inside the room, Collin quietly shut the door behind them and began to turn. "Fox, just what is goi--" His sentence was abruptly cut short by the breath leaving his lungs, which Fox pinning him to the door had caused.

The kiss that followed was passionate and desperate and deep, something their kisses lately hadn't been able to be, because they led to things that were inevitably interrupted. Collin was taken in by it completely, and it was only after a good 10 seconds of kissing that he broke it off. "Rafi..?"

"Is fine," Fox put one of his hands inside the jacket of Collin's suit and wrapped the arm around his waist. "But as much as I love him, he has been keeping us from this for a while."

Collin allowed Fox to kiss him again before he pushed Fox off to protest. "This is not a good idea."

"This," Fox said with confidence, "is the best idea I've ever fucking had." He pushed the suit jacket off one of Collin's shoulders even as his hand slipped down and goosed Collin's behind.

Collin jumped and pushed forward off the door. He straightened his jacket and ran a slightly shaky hand through his hair. "Fox, I wish we could, but this is my boss's cloakroom. In the middle of a party. That just about every council member is attending."

Fox's grin was white in the dark cloakroom. He advanced on Collin like a predator, and continued to do so until Collin's back hit the wall and a row of fluffy overcoats.

"Fox," Collin pleaded, his voice significantly weaker than before. Fox didn't reply, save to brace each hand on either side of Collin's head and lean in again. The kiss melted the blond again, even as he still attempted to fight it. Fox's fists gripped the coats, and he was encouraged when his partner vaguely succumbed, wrapping both arms around his narrow waist.

Unfortunately, or possibly thankfully, before any clothes were anything more than rumpled, there was a noise at the door. Collin pushed Fox's mouth away and then froze like a deer in headlights.

"Hello, is anyone in there?" a woman's voice asked, and the door began to creak open, light spilling in. Collin recognised it in an instant, and it shocked his brain out of panic mode. It was the voice of his boss's wife.

Collin ducked out from between Fox's arms, expertly reached into Fox's front suit pocket and pulled out his cell. With a flip it was open. For his part, Fox still stood gripping the coats, looking mildly flabbergasted.

When the door opened, Beverly Martin found her husband's employee holding a serious conversation on the phone, while his partner seemed to be sorting through the coats. Collin saw her and acknowledged her with a wave, finishing the 'call'.

"Is anything the matter, Collin?" she asked, worried at his expression. "You look flustered."

"I'm sorry, Beverly. I ducked in for some privacy on the phone." He snapped the device shut and handed it to Fox. "I really do apologise, but I think we're going to have to leave earlier than expected tonight."

"Oh, that is a shame. Is there a problem?"

"It's Rafi," Collin said, shaking his head, "and Fox was just getting our coats." The prompt was enough to get Fox to move, and he made a great show of moving the many jackets around to find theirs.

"Ted will be disappointed. But if you need to go now, I can explain."

"Thanks, Beverly. Please tell Ted I'll see him on Monday," Collin gave a grateful smile and pecked her on the cheek.

"Great food tonight, Bev. Sorry we have to go early," Fox apologised and also kissed her on the cheek.

She enjoyed the attention, and walked them to the door. "Now don't dally, go take care of your boy."

"I plan to," Fox said, stifling a smile, and waving to her cheerily. Collin cleared his throat and walked to the street to hail a cab.

"Was that last line really necessary?" Collin asked between chattering teeth.

Fox leant in close, his breath hot on the blond's cheek. With a slow deliberate movement, he licked the shell of Collin's ear. A shiver ran down Collin's back. "Not yet," he hissed. "We're meant to be concerned parents, not horny ones just wanting some sex."

A cab pulled up and both men slid into the back seat. "Can't we be both?"

"Not legally, I don't think. The Marriot, please," Collin directed to the driver.

"That's bullshit, and I'll show you." Fox reached into his suit pocket and pulled out his cell. Hitting speed dial, he jiggled his knee as he waited for it to be answered.


"Hey mom," Fox gave a pointed grin to Collin. "Just checking in. How's the spawn doing?"

"Fine, honey. The girls are scrapbooking with your uncle and I, though they are five minutes away from bedtime. Little Rafi is out like a light."

"Yeah? He got to sleep?" Fox was surprised, and his free hand touched Collin's knee. Collin leant over and Fox held the phone out so they could both hear.

"I do have some experience in these matters," Nefertari mockingly huffed. "Seems he likes the device your father made for him."

Fox and Collin gave a wide-eyed look to each other before Nefertari continued. "And before you worry, it's not magnetic, gas-powered or dangerous. It's a little lantern with shapes cut in it and a low-watt bulb inside. It hangs from the ceiling above Rafi's crib and turns around gently. When he wakes up and frets, he's so interested in the lights shapes and the movements, it lulls him back to sleep more often than not."

Fox whistled, impressed. "That sounds great. Do you think he could make us one to take home?"

"He's already putting the final touches on yours," she said, sounding proud.

"Way to go, dad."

"How is the party going?"

"Really good. Listen, we have to go now, but I'll call tomorrow when the girls aren't so busy. Kiss them extra for us."

"Ok Foxkit. Make sure you and Collin have a nice night. I'll talk to you tomorrow."

"Bye, mom." Fox flipped the phone closed, satisfied. "See? Concerned," his hand rubbed Collin's knee slowly through the pants fabric. His fingers found Collin's inseam and brushed along it, reaching his mid thigh. "And horny."

Collin glanced up at the driver, who didn't seem to notice anything given the thick coats they wore. He gave Fox his patented Warning Look # 12 -- "You can do it as long as we don't get caught."

Fox grinned, the message received loud and clear, and continued to move up the blond's inseam. With a frown of control, Collin looked out the window and concentrated on the lines of light as they flew past street lamps.

Collin was acutely aware of Fox's hand traveling further up his leg, almost reaching the juncture of his thigh. His eyes fluttered closed briefly, and he surreptitiously moved his legs further apart. Fox moved closer, and again the blond felt hot breath on his cheek.

"So," Fox whispered, fingers running in circles very high on Collin's leg, "What made you decide to leave with me?"

One eye creaked open. "I didn't want to lose my job because we were walked in on."

"Bev didn't suspect a thing."

"Not that time, but you would have dragged me off at some other point."

"True," Fox said huskily, lips just grazing Collin's cheek. "And what's the other reason?"

Collin sighed softly at the contact. "Maybe I'm a bit horny, too."

Fox's hand reached the juncture of Collin's thighs and the blond sucked in a gasp. "I think it's likely," he chuckled.

It was a relatively short cab ride to the Marriot. Fox's hand didn't have the opportunity to move much farther before they were both getting out of the taxi. Shoulder to shoulder, the two men walked through the hotel's glass double-doors. Earlier in the day, their bags had been checked in on their way to the party.

Collin walked purposefully to the concierge's desk. "A room booked for Sri'Vastra, please. Is it ready?" The young man searched his computer.

"Yes, sir. Room 1808. The elevators are to your right." He handed over the passkey, which Fox took with a grin. Collin nodded and they walked across the lobby to the elevators. With some effort on Fox's part, they both walked in an unhurried fashion. Fox hit the button a few times eagerly, watching Collin in the reflection of the polished metal doors.

With a small 'ding', they finally opened. Fox graciously allowed Collin to enter the mirrored interior first. The doors closed with agonising slowness, and Fox's leg jiggled impatiently.

"Oh, fuck it," Collin said the second the lobby disappeared from sight and whirled on Fox, kissing him deeply. Fox responded immediately, wrapping his arms around Collin's waist, even picking him up for a few seconds. Each stripped the other of his overcoat, not breaking the deep kisses they exchanged.

Fox opened his eyes during one of the kisses, his vision straying to the mirror behind Collin's head. He grinned cheekily. "What?" Collin asked, one hand fisted in Fox's tie.

"You see that?" he inclined his head to the mirrors, where a disheveled blond grasping onto a predatory brunet reflected into infinity between the shiny surfaces. "There is an infinite number Collins that are about to get laid."

Mercifully, the thousands of couples engaged in a hot and heavy make out session within the confines of the elevator, carried on without interruption.

Fox and Collin pulled apart with reluctance when the doors opened on the eighteenth floor, but Fox spearheaded the charge to Room 08. He reached there before Collin and pulled out one of their plastic keycards. With some effort he tried to swipe it into the slot. Collin watched anxiously as Fox fumbled with the card.

"You know, if you can't get the key in that slot, I don't hold out much hope for when we get in there," he remarked. Fox replied with a low growl as he swiped the card successfully.

Collin entered and threw their overcoats on a nearby chair. Fox followed closely behind, kicking off his too nice leather shoes that the blond had bought for him.

With the door shut and privacy established, Collin gave a naughty grin. Fox responded by stripping off his and Collin's suit jackets roughly and leaving them on the floor. Normally, there would have been something said about the carelessness, but it was ignored for the moment.

Fox advanced on Collin and took his mouth in a deep kiss, fingers rapidly undoing trouser buttons. He worked Collin's fly down, sliding hands over the sides of Collin's polycotton boxer briefs. The pants fell off the blond's hips with ease, and he stepped out of them.

A slow, warm grin spread across Fox's features as he looked down at Collin's undies. They still concealed his arousal for the time being, but wouldn't be able to for much longer.

With sexily mussed hair, Collin was a beautiful sight; black socks, bare legs, thin boxer briefs, and his dress shirt and tie (collar pulled out). Fox found it extremely arousing.

Unable to help himself, Fox's hand dipped into the briefs and gave Collin's half-hard cock a few encouraging pumps. Collin ground his teeth and let out a strangled noise, moving closer. Fox was pleased, and slid the hand around to squeeze the blond's ass for good measure. "Good boy."

Collin's fingers found something to do, and they went to work loosening the windsor knot around Fox's throat and unbuttoning the dress shirt. He tried not to get too distracted by the hand on his ass that was slowly creeping between his cheeks.

Tried, but failed. With a push, Fox's shirt fell down his shoulders. The hand down Collin's pants had to reluctantly withdraw in order to remove the shirt. Fox did lightly snap the elastic as he took his hand away.

Far from being annoyed, Collin was eager to move things along. "I have lube," he whispered into Fox's neck, grinding his crotch lightly against the darker man's trouser clad leg.

"Go get, then," Fox answered, spanking him. Collin smiled and moved to their luggage. He rummaged around in one of the front zipper pockets, grumbling and removing his socks. With a crow of triumph, the lube was located. Collin turned to find Fox sitting on the edge of the bed, a lascivious smile on his face.

"Pervert," Collin said.

"Come over here and say that," Fox dared.

Collin was not afraid. He walked straight to Fox and dropped the lube on the bed next to him. With determination, he undid Fox's fly and tugged at the trousers. With a little help from their owner, they -- along with his briefs -- came off.

The blond nudged Fox to lie down as he straddled his partner's hips. Fox moved one hand over Collin's still-covered erection, the other expertly flipping the lubricant cap off. Collin's briefs were pulled down his thighs quickly, though the movements of Fox's hands seemed to be in slow motion.

Collin gasped and moved forward when Fox's now-slick fingers penetrated him. It was a delicious feeling, and the man underneath him smiled in triumph. With a gentle movement, two fingers went in and out, causing ripples of pleasure within Collin. He responded by using his kneeling position to rock back and forth on Fox's fingers as much as he could.

Fox was content with just Collin's pleasure for the moment, but didn't at all object when Collin sacrificed one of the hands he was using for balance to wrap around Fox's cock in a loose fist. He pumped in an erratic rhythm whenever he could.

Collin opened his eyes and saw Fox grinning at him. Not without effort, the blond gave Fox's dick a particularly firm yank. Fox's hips lifted up off the mattress, but the rhythm of his fingers didn't stall for a moment. Instead, he wiggled his fingertips, which made Collin squeeze his eyes shut again.

"Good?" Fox asked.

"Again," Collin panted. Fox obliged, making his partner groan.

Collin changed his thrusting rhythm so that the underside of his erection grazed Fox's arm. Fox's fingers gently withdrew, and he dragged them across Collin's perineum and down the length of Collin's cock. They shared a moment of synchronicity, each with a hand around the other's arousal, before Fox made motions to get up. He did, however, pull Collin by the collar of his still-worn shirt for a kiss first.

The blond allowed Fox to get up. He enjoyed the sexy, mischievous expression on Fox's face, and waited to see what he would do.

Fox threw his legs over the side of the bed and stood, only to move to the head of it. He began piling pillows up to make a little mountain. He crooked a finger at Collin and patted the other hand on the pillows. Collin allowed a grin, and climbed up onto the mattress, receiving a spank on the bare ass as he passed his partner.

Fox helped Collin sit comfortably back on the pillows, letting his fingers skim the inside of Collin's thighs. He chuckled when they moved apart at the simple touch.

The blond ensconced himself amongst the pillows and gave Fox a special kind of look. He hooked one bare leg around Fox's waist and beckoned him forward.

"Don't worry," Fox breathed. "I couldn't wait any longer anyway." His hands looked like shadows against Collin's faded tan. He crawled between Collin's parting legs. The blond curled his legs up at the knees, feet playfully touching Fox's back.

"Have I ever mentioned," Fox said as he gave his slick erection a few lazy pumps, "how glad I am that you still do yoga?"

"Every time you look in the kama sutra. Now fuck me," Collin demanded.

"I love it when you get bossy, Boss." For all his need and bluster, Fox's entry was careful. He pushed in with controlled force, and a low noise. Collin's eyes narrowed to slits, but pulled him closer.

Fox started at a measured pace, changing positions slightly depending on what he wanted to do. Sometimes he leant his hands on either side of Collin's torso and kissed while he did short, shallow thrusts. Other times, he held the other man's ankles and made his thrusts long and deep.

Those were the ones Collin enjoyed the most. He cried out and moved his hips in time with them. Every once in a while, he took a glancing blow to the prostate that made his back arch up off the mattress. Fox's hand scrunched in the folds of Collin's shirt.

Collin helped out, holding his knees up and managing to tilt his hips up just that bit further. But one of his hands ended drifting down. He watched Fox watch him like a hawk; watch him as his hand curled around his stiff erection.

Fox wet parched lips as he watched the head of the blond's dick appear and disappear as Collin stroked. He thrust sharply, and Collin grunted in response. The visual element of Collin's self-pleasure gave Fox more than enough incentive to keep going. Pushing the thick, black hair out of his eyes, he doubled his efforts, pulling out almost completely before slamming back home.

Fox felt the bite of fingernails in his shoulder as the hand that held Collin's foot let go in favor of gripping his shoulder. Sweat pooled at Fox's temples, and rivulets ran down the side of his face. Collin looked equally hot and bothered, chest rising and falling rapidly.

Fisting his hand in Collin's shirt, Fox drew it up slightly, exposing the blond's taut abdomen. He leant down to kiss him. The kiss was breathless and needy, but beautiful. Fox climaxed as he kissed Collin, his moan drowned out by the other's mouth.

Collin nuzzled the tuft of hair on Fox's chin. "Kailen," he whispered, his voice thick.

"I'm here," Fox replied, licking moisture from Collin's neck. "Come on, baby."

Collin bucked, a name torn from his throat unfinished. He pumped his dick in an erratic rhythm as Fox thrust slowly.

Collin lay back on the pillows limply, eyes half closed. Fox withdrew and moved to straddle Collin's hips, careful not to actually put any pressure on him. With nimble hands, he unfastened the last few buttons standing between him and Collin's naked chest. The blond helped a little, moving his arms and allowing Fox to remove the shirt and toss it aside. He then grabbed one of the white hotel towels from the corner of the bed and threw it to Collin, who cleaned up lazily.

Once done, Fox stole a few pillows away and lay beside Collin, draping an arm around his waist. "Now that was worth leaving the party early for," he said with a smile in his voice.

"Mmm." Collin pulled Fox's arm around his waist further, turning his head for a kiss. Fox obliged readily, ruffling his blond strands. Collin smiled beatifically, nipping Fox's bottom lip.

Collin shivered and snuggled further into Fox. "Want the covers?" Fox asked. Collin nodded and assisted Fox in peeling back the first layer of covers from the bed.

"Want to go again?" Fox asked, kissing Collin's shoulder.

"Later. Rest now." Collin wiggled, settling himself comfortably against Fox.

"I'll hold you to it," Fox rubbed Collin's hip, but Collin was already dozing. With a shrug, Fox joined the blond in sleep.



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