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Title: Crush
Author: Avarice
Rating: G
Pairing: Rafi/Nefertari, Padma/Nefertari
Spoilers: Problematic strips in FH
Summary: Rafi has an itsy bitsy weeny crush.
Word Count: 835
Date First Posted: 05-04-2004
Date Revised: 27-05-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: Rafi's so adorably gullible.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.
Also Archived At: LJ

Rafi wasn't prone to fantasising about Nefertari much. No, not much at all. She was, after all, his closest friend's wife. Also, a good friend of his in her own right.

But he had seen her wearing next to nothing. Oh, that had been back in her dancing days, but it counted. She had been a singular beauty back then.

Nowadays Nefertari wasn't quite as svelte as she had been in times past, what with giving birth to a daughter, but the fact of the matter was she was still stunning. Curved in all the right places and smooth in all the rest.

The short man watched her in the kitchen on her hands and knees. She wore grey sweatpants and a white tee shirt that stretched across her chest. Her long hair was tied up messily to keep out of her face as she scrubbed the bottom cabinets.

Rafi gulped.

Nefertari turned around and flung a stray lock of caramel-brown hair out of her eyes. "Rafi," she beamed and he had to swallow again. No pretty women smiled like that when they said his name. If they said it at all, he expected it to be followed by a slap in the face. And that was if they touched him at all.

"...Pa-Padma?" he stuttered.

"Padma's taken Fatima on an outing. He'll be back soon."

"Uh... can I help, or something?"

Nefertari sat up and wiped the back of her forehead. "No, it's alright. I was about to quit, anyway," she dusted her hands and stood.

It wasn't often that Rafi became flustered in Nefertari's presence, but sometimes it was impossible not to. She looked beautiful even when she wasn't trying.

But she didn't need him. "Oh... ok. Well I'll come back later an-"

"Not so fast," Nefertari said sternly. She wiped her hands carefully on the rag she held and walked to him. It wasn't until she stood right in front of him that he fully came to terms with the fact that Nefertari was a good few inches taller than him.

"I do need some help with something," she said, slipping her arm in his.


"I've got a problem in the bedroom..."

Rafi's sunglasses slipped down his nose involuntarily. "Whu?"

"I'd ask Padma to help, but he's not here..."


"And I could do it myself, but it's much easier with two people..."

Rafi's imagination ran rampant, thus hindering his speech to single-syllable, drawn out sounds. "Mnnaa?"

"Would you help?" she batted her blue eyes once, twice, three times, and Rafi was putty. Short, sleazy putty in her hands.

"Sure." His mouth was dry. "What d'you need, doll?"

"Ah! You're sweet." She kissed his cheek. "I can't turn the mattress over on my own."

Rafi froze for a moment before laughing too loudly. "Yes! The mattress. I... help. Yeah."

Nefertari giggled. "Honestly, Rafi, what did you think I wanted your help with?"

He pushed the glasses back up over his eyes. "Heh, ah, I thought y'might want me to clean out your underwear drawer or somethin'."

"Uh-huh," Nefertari nodded disbelievingly, patting his arm as they walked up the stairs. "You know, Rafi, you'll be a lot smoother if you use actual words instead of vague noises." As they got to the landing, Nefertari illustrated her point by giving Rafi a firm but chaste kiss on the lips. Rafi grumbled even through the flush on his cheeks.

Twenty minutes later, after a brief struggle and a lot of cursing (from both of them), the mattress was turned over, and Rafi and Nefertari both fell back onto the bed, puffing.

Padma poked his head round the corner of the room. "What are you doing up here?"

"Jus' getting hot and sweaty with your wife," Rafi breathed. Nefertari smacked him.

Padma didn't even flinch. "Turning the mattress over, huh?" He stepped in the room, Fatima making soft noises in his arms.

Rafi sat up, and once Fatima caught sight of her 'Uncle', she squealed excitedly, stretching tiny, chubby arms out to him. "Ba! Ba!" Rafi's face lit up, taking the small child from Padma and cradling her protectively.

"Hey princess, what ya been up to?" he cooed, tickling her tummy. Fatima responded by making a loud string of garbled sounds and pulling his glasses off. "Hey, hey!" The little girl just giggled in response, waving them in her tiny hand. Rafi sighed. "Ok, you win. For now."

Nefertari walked over and wrapped her arms around Rafi's waist, pressing her cheek up against his, while Padma could seemingly engulf all three in his arms. Fatima gurgled away happily to see all her favourite people.

Rafi squirmed momentarily, but it wasn't because he was uncomfortable. It was hard to be around them and not be part of the love Padma and Nefertari shared.

And they shared it with him.

He could live with or without any stupid crush. But he couldn't live without the family that had adopted him. They needed him, after all.


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