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Title: Bruised
Series: 100 Original Fics
Character: Fox Maharassa
Author: Avarice

Prompt: 016 - Purple
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Fox/Collin
Spoilers: -
Summary: Collin gets turned on by the weirdest things.
Word Count:
Date First Posted:
Date Revised: 02-06-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: Ok, so this strip is a great example of a bizarre kink that Collin possessed -- he loved it when Fox had to fight through East Telnetcomm, and come home all bloody and bruised. He was very turned on by this. I wrote fic detailing. :) It was started not long after this strip (2006), but didn't get completed until the posting date. I actually really like this fic. I like it when Collin gets uber-sexy-demanding.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.

Also Archived At: LJ

There is something about Fox bruised, lacerated, bleeding, but ultimately triumphant that makes Collin lose it.

Specifically, lose his pants and his inhibitions.

It is why he has Fox pinned to the couch, straddling and grinding their hips together. Collin attacks Fox's mouth with fervour, pulling back slightly when Fox hisses in pain. The blond can feel the ridge of a split in Fox's lip with his tongue. He apologises by cupping Fox's lean face and kissing his boyfriend's lips softly and sweetly. Fox shifts beneath him in approval.

His neck is next. Collin pulls back the shoulders of the white wife beater and licked beads of sweat away from the dark skin. He resists the urge to sink his teeth into the juncture of Fox's neck for a sucking bite.

Hands are splayed out over Fox's torso, fingers creeping down to pull the bottom of the tank up. Fox shifts as those fingers brush over bruises and the bandages around his ribs, the ones that feel like they're holding him together. Collin slides his bare legs down over Fox's jeans to kneel on the ground between Fox's thighs.

With a gentle touch, Collin pushes his hands up and underneath the wifebeater, gets Fox to lean forward and gingerly pull it off his head. There is so much dark skin in front of him, bisected by the white bandage. Collin brings his hands up to Fox's pectorals, running his fingers sideways across nipples. It earns him a look and a hip rotation.

It brings back to mind Collin's destination, where he ultimately wants to be. Hands skim the bandages and land on Fox's jeans. No belt. Collin is pleased, attacking the buttons straight away. Zip down, and Collin coaxes Fox's hips up for a moment to be able to pull the jeans and boxer waistband down.

And there it is. Collin very nearly salivates at the sight of Fox's erection. It strikes him that he has become a little crazed for sex in the years that he and Fox have been together, but knows for a fact Fox isn't complaining. Not when Collin wraps his lips around the crown of his dick and sucks, a precursor to slowly lowering his mouth all the way down.

Collin looks up and Fox has thrown his head onto the back of the couch, Adam's apple bobbing. If he could grin, he would, but his mouth is occupied. Fox is a little incoherent; his hips are lifting up off the sofa cushions.

Collin wants to prolong it, but Fox is tired and he is impatient. He removes his mouth, licking Fox a few times like a cat. It's time for business. There is lube next to the sofa, and Collin slicks Fox up good, giving him a few pumps for good measure.

Collin is glad he got rid of his pants long ago. He climbs back up onto the sofa, a knee on either side of Fox's hips. Fox has enough presence of mind to hold himself steady while Collin positions himself correctly. There's a drawn out moment suspended in time where Collin lowers himself down to a seated position in Fox's lap.

Fox's eyes lock onto his, a little wide, hands gripping his hips. Collin grins and wraps his arms around Fox's neck, watching with utter pleasure as blue eyes roll back into his head when Collin rolls his hips.

"Boss," Fox chokes out hoarsely.

"Shhh," Collin hushes, putting his finger on Fox's bruised lips. Normally he would welcome Fox's words, enjoy the way they make him blush or respond. But this instance is all about Fox being made to respond in that way. "I am going to ride you to kingdom come."

Again, before the words can fully sink in for him to reply, Collin begins to make good on his promise. Using his knees, Collin lifts himself up, only to sink down again a few moments later. The guttural noises emanating from Fox's throat are more than a reward.

Collin lifts one of Fox's hands, mindful of his middle and ring fingers that are strapped together, placing a kiss on his roughened palm. Fox looks drugged, and while there are a few painkillers in his system, that look has more to do with the fact that he's grinding down so sweetly into Fox's lap.

He moves forward and back, up and down in a rocking motion -- fast for a dozen or so thrusts, then slowing it down, eliciting a long moan from Fox. It's a teasing game, and Collin is all too aware that he's usually on the receiving end of those teases. It feels good to be the one making Fox a little crazy.

But he deserves it. Collin wraps his arms around Fox's neck and plants a deep kiss on his lips. "My boy," he says possessively, fingers moving to delve into the hair at the base of Fox's skull. Fox tries once again to respond, but Collin swallows any words into his own mouth.

Fox's hands hold Collin at his waist loosely, letting him make the rules and set the pace. Collin's is a steady rhythm, and while they're not going at it like jackrabbits, he isn't exactly going easy on his injured boyfriend, either. He swivels his hips every second thrust, making a pleased grunt that Fox seems to respond to.

Collin leans forward, elbows on the couch cushions on either side of Fox's head. He feels Fox's hot breath on his cheek, knowing Fox can feel his. He doesn't break eye contact with Fox, instead staring deeply into the reflective blue pools, watching as dark eyelids flutter over them occasionally.

Fingers tighten reflexively on Collin's back, and Collin knows Fox is about to let go. "Fuck," Fox curses, back bowing up off the sofa, head thrown back. Collin takes the opportunity to lean forward and scrape his teeth over Fox's clavicle. He swears again, hips slapping noisily against Collin's ass.

Collin continues to ride, only adjusting the speed of his rhythm slightly. It's a dirty pleasure to make Fox swear like that in these circumstances, and Collin can't help the smile on his face. He wraps his right hand around his own cock, leaving the left to cradle the back of Fox's head as he recovers.

Stroking as well as moving up and down changes his pattern slightly, and Collin shuts his eyes in the moment, fully enjoying the carnality. They open again when he feels a hand over his own, pulling in just the right way. He gnaws on his bottom lip as Fox helps stroke him to a shuddering climax.

Collin finally slows and stops his hip movements, letting himself just sit in Fox's lap. He looks at the mess he's made on Fox's lower stomach, and can't help the filthy grin. Leaning forward, he kisses Fox long and hard and deep until there's an odd taste in his mouth. Coppery and slightly unpleasant. He is about to ask Fox what's going on when he sees a dark trickle run down Fox's chin. The exuberant kiss has opened up Fox's split lip.

"Baby," Collin says in sympathy. He carefully extricates himself from Fox's lap, and walks to the kitchen where cubes of ice wrapped in a clean cloth make for the right medicine. Fox accepts the cold with a grateful wince. Collin uses another cloth dampened with water to clean himself and Fox up.

Collin picks up the blanket that had been on the couch and wraps him and Fox up in it, pulling Fox carefully down to rest in his lap. Fox fidgets, and it takes him a few moments to find a comfortable position. Once there, he sighs and almost immediately begins to doze.

"Painkillers kicking in?" Collin asks, stroking Fox's hair.

"Mhm," Fox says in a heavy kind of way. He turns a little and takes the makeshift icepack away, enough for Collin to see the bleeding has stopped. "What is it about me all bleeding y'like so much?" he asks through a yawn wide enough to show his sharp eye-teeth.

"I don't know," Collin says truthfully. "It's just really hot."

"Well, m'glad you didn't jizz on my bandages," Fox says sleepily. "'d be kinda hard to explain that stain to the doctor tomorrow."

"He's getting paid to put fresh bandages on, not get personal," Collin says. "Also, don't ever use the word 'jizz' again."

Fox's eyes have already closed, the ice packet nearly falling from his limp hand. Collin takes it from slender fingers and drops it to the floor. Then he makes sure the blanket is tucked securely around both of them and closes his eyes, too.


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