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Title: Bedroom Eyes
Author: Avarice
Rating: PG
Pairing: Fox/Collin
Spoilers: -
Summary: Fox tries to distract Collin.
Word Count:
Date First Posted: 11-12-2004
Date Revised: 27-05-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: Fox POV. Weird, man. Just weird.
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.
Also Archived At: LJ

I jumped back on the bed, springs squeaking under my weight. The mattress was soft and inviting. Propping my head up, I rubbed the empty expanse next to me.

"I could use some company."

Collin walked up to the foot of the bed. "We don't have time."

"Come oonnnnn," I drawled, sitting up to pull him closer. He allowed me to, his eyes saying 'yes', but the firm line of his mouth a definitive 'no'. I nuzzled his stomach with my nose. He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed away from me slightly.

"We've got work to do."

With a grin, I pulled him down next to me. He didn't have time to so much as gasp before the mattress knocked some of the wind out of his lungs. "Fucktard," he said without heat. "What are yo--"

"It's break-time," I announced, pulling him up to lie beside me, and touching his lips with my finger. "Time for a little rest and relaxat--"

I was rudely interrupted by someone clearing their throat. We both looked up to find a man standing over us. He pushed his glasses up over his nose.

"S'cuse me, gentlemen, but if you keep going, you're going to have to buy that."

Collin worked himself out of my grasp and scooted off, cheeks flaming. "We're still looking..."

"Try before you buy, and all that," I put in. Collin glared at me, his 'Fox, you're not helping', face.

"Uh-huh," he said, before giving us a guilt-laden look and walking away.

Collin sat down again on the edge of the bed, his left leg curled beneath him. "I don't mind this one," he commented, running his palm over the soft fabric.

"Yeah, it's not bad. The price is not the best, but wait until I use some tricks from the Uncle Rafi School of Bartering. I will lay the Maharassa smackdown on that poor, helpless salesman." I waved to the guy with the glasses, who was standing behind a tall chest of drawers, watching us with a frown.

I lay back on the mattress. "We've been to five stores this morning. I'm not sure I can take many more orange signs that scream 'deluxe ensemble' at me today."

Collin nodded, a small smile curling his lips. He poked me. "Come on. Let's grab a burger and then go home. There's still more pleasant things we can be doing with this Saturday."

"Like testing the springs on our own bed?" I leapt up.

He gave me an interesting look. "You are a fucktard, Maharassa." Collin began walking away, but stopped and half-turned. "But I like the way you think."



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