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Title: Menage a Trois
Author: Avarice
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Fox/Collin/Nyarlathotep
Spoilers: comics with N in them.
Summary: The Chaos God has fun observing (and participating in) primitive human coupling rituals.
Word Count: 948
Date First Posted: 24-05-2009 (written approx 2005)
Date Revised: 28-05-2011
Beta: -
Awards: -
Notes: So Collin's Type for a very long time was tall, skinny, dark. That's Fox, that's Arath, and that's definitely N. Way back when he was in the comics, I decided to write crackfic that never saw the light of day up until a few years ago. N left FH and went on to pursue a very successful career as a character in Sandra's original novel Prophet, and all we are left with is the crack :)
Feedback: always welcome, as is constructive criticism.
Also Archived At: LJ

Collin bucked, arching his back off the bed, as a variety of different textures and sensations came into contact with his sensitive places. He vaguely took notice of the fact that his legs were being lifted and rested on someone's shoulders.

"Shhhh, it's ok, baby," Fox's soothing voice told him, and Collin believed it. Long fingers traced down his perineum to his entrance. The blond gasped as he felt them move inside him, as he became aware that Fox's other hand prepared himself.

There were other sensations, around his thighs and stomach and cock. He couldn't place what was happening exactly, just that Fox's dick had begun to thrust, amongst many other things.

"His skin is hot," Nyarlathotep commented, running a hand down Collin's chest.

Fox grunted into a thrust. "Yeah, hot," he said, but Nyarlathotep wasn't entirely sure that he referred to Collin's outer temperature.

Either way, the chaos god wasn't concerned. He ran his tongue over one of Collin's attractive nipples and enjoyed what that made the blond do.

Fox kept his thrusts regularly timed as Nyarlathotep stroked Collin. The young man also tried to ignore the fact that it wasn't just hands doing the stroking. There were two tentacles wrapped around each of Collin's thighs, holding them apart. They twitched occasionally, repositioning themselves. When they did, the suckers pulled at Collin's sensitive inner thigh skin and he groaned loudly.

The groan was what Fox was really interested in. He corrected his angle of entry to thrust up and deeper, and Collin moved with them as best he could.

Nyarlathotep smiled, and another tentacle came from nowhere and wrapped around Collin's cock. The suckers on the bottom acted like little vacuum pockets, clinging to his engorged skin. They came off with a gentle 'pop' as he moved.

"I... ah, ah--," Collin gurgled out. Fox patted Collin's leg.

"That's my boy."

Nyarlathotep looked on curiously, a hand coming up to flick Collin's nipples. "Is he going to spurt fluid soon?"

"Soon," Fox grunted, hips pistoning quickly.

"Good," the chaos god said, tightening the grip of the tentacle that was wound all the way around Collin's dick. Combining that with a particularly hard thrust of Fox's, and a garbled scream, the blond orgasmed.

His body became limp after that, legs sagging on Fox's shoulders. He twitched involuntarily, eyes rolled way back into his head.

Nyarlathotep kindly loosened the tentacle around Collin's dick, letting it lie against his stomach. He idly kept stroking, not concerned about the white stickiness he spread.

Fox still thrust. A trickle of sweat ran down his chest and neck. Nyarlahotep continued to hold Collin's thighs apart for him, but the chaos god wanted to do more.

"Do you need some help?" he asked cheerfully, and something slithered its way up Fox's leg.

"No thanks... I just need... need--"

Fox's libido may have threatened to take a downturn with the suckers beginning to cling to his leg, but only one thing was needed to pull it up and over the top. Collin raised his head a little to be able to look up. A small smile curled his lips, eyes lazily drooped, and he said, "Kailen."

Parts (sensitive and fun parts) of Fox tingled, and he gave one more valiant thrust before his senses crashed down around his ankles. He went forward and lay on top of Collin in his exhaustion. Even sore and a little uncomfortable, Collin wrapped his legs around Fox's back and they embraced.

Nyarlathotep coughed politely. "Do you mind?" he said.

Fox looked up blearily. "Oh. Sorry man." He lifted himself up off Collin, allowing a gap between them from which Nyarlathotep extricated his caught tentacles.

The chaos god moved to lie on his stomach with his chin in his hands, midnight eyes fathomless and twinkling. "That was quite interesting."

"Glad you enjoyed it," Fox mumbled, climbing up onto the bed proper and lying next to Collin.

There was silence for a few moments before the god spoke up again. "Well?"

"Well what?" Collin asked.

"How long before we can go again?"

The boys gave each other a look with eyebrows raised. "Um... soon?" The blond tried to explain. "It takes humans a little while to... er..."

"Reload," Fox put in helpfully.

"I see," Nyarlathotep frowned, deep in thought. "I have noticed this with your breed. It seems to be an inherent design flaw."

"I hear ya," Fox agreed.

Nyarlathotep nodded. "Alright. In the meantime, you won't mind me administering my mouths to your genital regions for oral pleasure while I wait, will you?"

Fox scratched the back of his head. "Sure, go ahead."

Collin's eyes were wide. "Fox... did you hear what he said?"

"No, what?" It was at that moment Nyarlathotep became a blur of movement. He was not exactly human shaped at that point, though the trunk of his body stayed the same, with the same smiling dark haired, skinned, and eyed face.

Both Fox and Collin were pinned to the mattress with what could only be described as a variety of different limbs.

"What did you hear?" Fox asked Collin, just able to turn his head.

"He said 'mouths'," Collin answered, the different limbs beginning to vibrate.

"You mean he's going to do us at the same time?"

"Yeah, genius."

"I do have over one thousand forms," Nyarlathotep put in, "not all of them have just one mouth. Not all of them even have mouths." The vibrating of the limbs arced up a level, and things began to slither. Even sore and limp and used organs began to twitch again.

"But I think you'll be eminently glad that this one has at least two."



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