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Buffy The Vampire Slayer / Angel The Series

A 10 Letter Word Beginning With 'M' - PG - Angel/Spike
Spike. Angel. A kitchen.

Absence Makes The Heart... - PG - Buffy/Angel
Angel relives his explosive confrontation with the Slayer. Angel POV. Set between Sanctuary and The Yoko Factor.

Angels In The Outfield - PG - Buffy/Angel
Two like-minded souls have a bit of a chat. Xover with the movie City of Angels.

Animal - NC-17 - Angel/Spike
It's that time of year again... PWP.

Blood Moon - PG - Angelus/William, William/Drusilla
My version of how William was turned.

Bygone - PG - Angel/Buffy, Spike/Angel implied.
Spike watches Angel.

Codladh Buanan Bàs (Death Is Lasting Sleep) - PG - Spike/Angel implied
Angel dreams.

Crimson Thrall - PG
Blood. Spike POV.

Discord And Rhyme - PG
Angel's thoughts -- or what's left of them -- as 'Puppy'.

Fallacy - PG - Spike/Angel implied
After 100 years, Spike and Angel finally meet up again.

Hegira - R
Can't keep a good predator down...

Internal Dialogue Series - PG - Spike POV

I Learnt Her Name Today - Spike learns the name of his sire's new prize. Angelus/Drusilla, Spike/Drusilla
Perfect - The perfect evening. Angelus/Spike/Drusilla
All For Her - What wouldn't Spike do for his princess? Spike/Drusilla
The Return - Spike finds out his sire is still alive. Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Angelus implied.
I Hate Him, I Love Her - Crippled and confined to his wheelchair, Spike contemplates his situation.
Man On A Mission - After his refreshing trip to Sunnyhell, Spike is ready to take matters back into his own hands.
Where Would I Be? Spike thinks about his failure to win Dru back.

end series

If I've Told You Once... - PG - Spike/Angel
Anger returns home after a hard night's demon-slaying.

I Never Told You - PG - Angel/Spike
Angel writes a letter.

I Wanna Be Sedated - PG
Sometimes unlife is just crappy. Spike POV.

Jimmy Olsen Blues - PG - Buffy/angel, Xander/Buffy implied
Xander's stuck watching Buffy and Angel dancing at the Bronze.

Lover's Walk Revisited - NC-17 (torture) - Spike/Angel, Buffy/Angel
AU. What if Buffy had never gone to the magic shop with Spike and Angel?

Lunatic Calm - R (gore)
Ever wonder where Angelus got the heart he presented to Dru in Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered from?

Mairg Darab Galar an Gràdh (Love is a Sad Sickness) - PG - Spike/Angel
Spike dreams. Companion to Codladh Buanan Bàs

Moments Of Transition - G - Spike/Angel
Reflections on a rooftop.

Oblivious - PG - Angelus/William, Angelus/Darla, Spike/Drusilla
Angel reminisces over some unrequited feelings.

The Odd Couple Series - PG - Angel/Spike - ridiculous Angel and Spike dialogue fics

Foot Fetish
Helping Hand
Movie Mayhem
Coffeehouse Chaos cowritten with Darcy
Arcade Anarchy cowritten with Saber Shadowkitten
Promises, Promises
Hooters cowritten with Saber Shadowkitten

end series

Out Of The Dark - R - Spike/Drusilla, Spike/Angel
Spike lets Angel know exactly what he thinks of him.

Paragon of Animals - R (character death, disturbing imagery) - S/?
Spike finally gets everything he deserves.

Paragon of Animals - alternate ending - R - S/?
Spike finally gets everything he deserves -- the original version.

Points Of Departure - NC-17 - Spike/Angel
Angel gets psyched into doing what he has to do.

Possession - G - Buffy/Angel
An old friend visits Sunnydale.

Recitative - NC-17 - Angelus/William
Recitative - A style of operatic writing that approximates the rhythms and contours of normal speech; usually accompanied by simple chords in the orchestra or on a keyboard instrument.

Recalled Emotional Memories Series - PG - Angelus/William, Spike/Angel, Angelus/Darla, Angelus/Drusilla, Spike/Drusilla
A series based on the premise that Spike is as old as the Watcher Diaries alluded to in School Hard -- close to 200 and Angel's age, and that Angel is Spike's sire. Flashbacks abound. Set mid season 4 Buffy/season 1 Angel.

Housecall - Angel takes a trip to Sunnydale and calls in on everyone's favourite neutered vampire.
One Week - Spike is sent on assignment to Los Angeles.
Just Like Old Times - Before Spike and Angel can have a little chat, Cordelia interrupts them.
The Nature Of The Beast - Spike and Angel muse over their past relationship.
Conversations - Spike and Angel find they are unable to talk to each other.
Forgive, Forget, Forsake, Forfeit - Spike makes an unpleasant discovery.
Severed Dreams - Hurricane Spike tears into Angel's office.
Interludes And Examinations - Angel chases Spike to try and set things right.
Catharsis - Spike talks and Angel listens. Somewhat.
Casualties - Angel is mad.
One Last Goodbye - Angel tracks his childe down one last time.
Always Means Forever - Spike and Angel decide on a future.

end series.

Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer - PG - Spike/Angel
In an attempt to engender Angel Investigations with the spirit of Christmas, Spike brings home a... surprise.

Shadow Dancing - NC-17 - Spike/Angel
Sequel to Points of Departure. Does Spike regain consciousness only to be killed?

Spectator Sport - NC-17 Spike/Angel
Angel's quiet night is disturbed by Spike's Rugby.

Surpriiise... NC-17 (non-con) - Angelus/Spike
After the events of Surprise, another version of Angelus' epic arrival in Innocence.

The Illusion Of Truth - PG - Spike/?
Someone just can't get Spike out of their mind...

The Perfect Cure - PG - Spike/Angel
Angel has insomnia. Spike has a cure-all.

To Err Is Human - Angel feels bad about his treatment of Spike during s2.

To Sire, With Love - NC-17 (dom/sub, bloodplay) - Angelus/William, Angelus/Darla
A look at the uncommonly close relationship between Angelus and William.

Voyeur - NC-17 - Spike/?
Spike likes to watch. With his hands.

Boy Meets Boy

After The Fact - PG - Tybalt/Mikhael
Tybalt's scattered thoughts after his breakup with Mik. Tybalt POV

All The King's Horses - R - Harley/Tybalt, Mikhael/Harley, Mikhael/Tybalt
With a slightly different set of circumstances, what might've happened during Mikhael and Harley's temporary breakup. AU from that point on. Harley POV.

Apparitions - PG - Mikhael/?
Sometimes you can't help who you dream about.

Chalk And Charcoal Series - PG to NC-17 - Mikhael/Tybalt

First Date - Mikhael asks a classmate out on a date. May 1994.
Right On Time - Mikhael is running late for Tybalt's track meet. July 1994.
Wings Of Inspiration - Mikhael experiences some creative difficulties. August 1994.
Sympathy For The Devil - The boys attend a halloween party. October 1994.
Reparations - Can amends be made after a not-so-private fight? Continues directly from Sympathy For The Devil. October 1994.
Reflection - Snapshot out of a day. December 1994.
The Urge cowritten with Tinkerbell - Mikhael takes time out of his busy schedule to mock Tybalt's haircare products. April 1995.
All The Small Things - Small gifts have large meaning. May 1995.
Perspectives - The trials and tribulations of moving in together. June 1995.
Reflection II - Snapshot out of another day. Tybalt shares something personal. August 1995.

Once Upon A Time - NC-17 - Mikhael/Tybalt
Mik wakes up with a hangover and wants to know exactly what he's been up to.

Promiscuity - PG - Cyanide/Skids, Mikhael/Harley
Cyanide and Skids attend their prom.

Room For Improvement
- G - Tybalt/Gio
It's nothing a splash of paint won't fix. Post BMB.

Shades Of Memory - PG - Tybalt/Harley
AU fic in which Harley hooked up with Tybalt instead of Mikhael. Harley POV.

Slippery When Wet
cowritten with Sandra - NC-17 - Cyanide/Skids/Harley
AU. Remember when Harley was depressed and Cya and Skids took him out to a bar where he eventually met Mikhael? How it could've gone if they'd taken him back home instead.

The Power Of Creativity - R - Cyanide/Skids
Skids likes colours. Skids has crayons. Cy has a key to Skids' dorm.

Wishful Thinking - G
Skids likes going over to Cya's house.

Friendly Hostility

100 Original Fics about Kailen 'Fox' Maharassa, in the shared universe of FH with Sandra.

Currently 33/100

031.Sunrise.032.Sunset.033.Too Much.034.Not Enough.035.Sixth Sense.
091.Birthday.092.Christmas.093.Thanksgiving.094.Independence.095.New Year.
096.Writer‘s Choice.097.Writer‘s Choice.098.Writer‘s Choice.099.Writer‘s Choice.100.Writer‘s Choice.

Bedroom Eyes - PG - Fox/Collin
Fox tries to distract Collin. Fox POV.

Blessing In Disguise
- PG - Padma/Nefertari
Nefertari stops by Padma and Rafi's apartment with some important news.

Body Language - NC-17 - Fox/Collin
Communication without words.

Build Me Up, Buttercup - PG - Padma/Nefertari
Padma falls in love, and that's when his problems really start.

Crush - PG - Rafi/Neferari, Padma/Nefertari
Rafi has an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny crush.

Disposable Teens
- PG - Fox/Dinah
After Dinah breaks it off, Fox just isn't himself. Collin POV.

Dukes Of Hazard - PG - Foxman/His Mind Kills (Fox/Collin)
A day in the life of a superhero. Spoilers for BMB Foxman strips.

Fortune's Fool - PG - Fox/Collin
Collin is happy. Fox explains. Fox POV.

Harbor - PG - Fox/Collin
Companion to Removed. After spending a harrowing Christmas at his parents' place, Collin is home. Collin POV.

Hearth And Home - PG - Fox/Collin
Fox and Collin go home to the Maharassa's for a visit.

Incommutabilis - PG - Fox/Dinah
Out of all the people Dinah could go to with a problem, she chooses Collin.

Light Reading - PG - Fox/Collin
Fox chills out with an old favourite.

Menage a Trois - NC-17 - Nyarlathotep/Fox/Collin
The Chaos God has fun observing (and participating in) primitive human coupling rituals.

Morning Glory - NC-17 - Fox/Collin
Collin has a little trouble getting started in the morning. Collin POV.

Morning Rituals - PG - Collin/Runihura
AU. Collin hooks up with a modern day priest of Set, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The original Runihura character is from some of my original Egyptian fiction in progress. Transplanted into the world of FH, he was the template for what eventually became the character of Arath (with fewer Setian religious overtones).

Narrative - PG - Fox/Collin
Collin has many fears about his relationship. Collin POV.

Obligations - PG - Fox/Collin
Collin goes home for Easter.

Phone Sex cowritten with Sandra - NC-17 - Fox/Collin
The boys alleviate some tension while Collin's away.

Removed - PG - Fox/Collin
Companion to Harbor. The boys say goodbye as Collin goes to stay with his parents for a while.

Sleeping Arrangements - G - Padma/Rafi
It's a tight squeeze in Padma and Rafi's apartment.

Soap - PG - Fox/Collin
Conserve water - shower with a friend.

Solace - PG - Fox/Collin
The boys have a little misunderstanding and need to make up. Collin POV.

Strange Behaviour - PG - Fox/Collin
Fox has a few weird kinks.

The Thought - PG - Fox/Collin
It's the thought that counts, right?

Three In a Bed - PG - Padma/Nefertari
Nefertari imposes on Padma and Rafi to spend the night.

Treat And Trick - NC-17 - Fox/Collin
It's Halloween; time to party.

Waxing Lyrical - PG - Fox/Collin
Romance is in the air.

Junjou Romantica

Agony Aunt - PG - Nowaki/Hiroki
Hiroki gets stuck being the sounding board for what he deems to be the world's problems.

Bibliophiles - NC-17 - Nowaki/Hiroki
An extended version of the all-important library scene.

Brat - G - Nowaki/Hiroki
There are some things that rub Nowaki up the wrong way.

Catch 22 - PG - Nowaki/Hiroki
Hiroki's nice breakfast with Nowaki turns a bit sour when a co-worker shows up.

Crime And Punishment
- PG - Nowaki/Hiroki
Hiroki thinks of a novel way to stop Nowaki bothering him while he's trying to work. Nothing's faultless, though.

Houdini - PG - Miyagi/Risako, Shinobu/OC, Shinobu/Miyagi
Shinobu's body may be in Australia, but his mind can't leave Japan.

Night Terrors - G - Nowaki/Hiroki
Hiroki wakes up in the middle of the night disoriented.

Of Mice And Men - PG - Nowaki/Hiroki
Best-laid plans often go awry.

Somniloquy - PG - Nowaki/Hiroki
Sleep-talking usually occurs during transitory arousals from NREM sleep, which is when the body does not move smoothly from one stage in NREM sleep to another, and they become partially aroused from sleep.

Unsent Letters - PG - Nowaki/Hiroki
Hiroki has the same routine every Thursday night.

Gundam Wing

Appearances Series - PG - 2+3+2 Duo/Trowa - Duo POV

Godliness Is Next To Cleanliness - Duo sees a different side to Trowa.
Open All Hours - It's the hour of the wolf in the Preventers' kitchen.
Armchair Psychology - Threepenny psychological analysis, Duo Style.
Reconnaissance Blues - It's Saturday night and Duo's stuck on surveillance detail.
Kick Out The Jams - How will Duo's guitar-playing measure up against the combined might of Trowa and Quatre's musical talent?
State Of Emergency - Duo is in a bind and needs a friend fast.
The Last Post - Duo attends the funeral of a former partner.
Target Practice - Duo's big mouth is always getting him into trouble.
Work It Out - Duo and Trowa reconnect at the gym, and Trowa drops a bombshell

Miss The View - PG - 1x2
Living life without the one you love is painful. Song is Sukiyaki by A Taste Of Honey.

Not What You Think - PG - 1+2
Some people are easy to read. Others are... not. Duo POV.

Miscellaneous Fandoms

Restless - PG - Yuki Shuichi
Yuki just can't seem to get to sleep. Yuki POV.

Third Party - PG - TatsuhaxRyuuichi
Sometimes when Tatsuha gets home, he encounters some resistance.

Harry Potter

Pedigree - PG - Remus/Sirius
Remus discusses Sirius's lineage. Marauder Era.

Re-Imagining Irony - PG - Remus/Sirius
Death Eaters and lorries conspire to put a terrible crimp in Sirius and Remus's Sunday. Marauder Era.

The Fall And Rise Of Sirius Black
- PG
Three important scenes from Sirius's tragic life. Marauder Era to pre-POA.


Bomb Pop - PG - Megamind/Roxanne.
Even taking a walk in a park isn't a simple thing when you're Megamind and Roxanne.

Scorch County

Another invention of K. Sandra Fuhr, which started to get written, but I don't believe it ever was fully written out. Scorch County in New Mexico is a little place where the land is sentient. It speaks through a particularly special bit of land called La Concordia, a bar and cemetary. La Concordia has filled the bar with flesh avatars, and Scorch County itself is filled with monsters. As well as her flesh avatars, La Concordia also has a few loyal servants that do its will - Jack Silver, the Sheriff, and Aaron. Aaron is a rattlesnake that wanted to be human, and got a hold of some old magics that allowed him to inhabit the skin of another person (he does have to kill it first, and sew himself inside, hence Aaron's bodies all have thick dark stitches in common). Marlane Fairheart stumbled into Scorch County one fine day and was entrapped to stay there to ensure Jack would have an heir to continue service to the land.

Caretaker - G - Jack/Marlane, Aaron/Marlane
Aaron is charged with looking after Marlane and Jack jnr.

Creature Of Habit - PG
It's never a smart idea to insult one of the Fairheart snake boys. AU

Good Clean Fun - NC-17 - Sula/Lewis - Crossover with Alternative Medicine
Lewis the reticent werewolf is charged with dealing with the smell of Sula the charismatic caveman.

Hired Help - G - Aaron/Marlane
Aaron assists Marlane around the house in any way she might need.

Speaking In Tongues - G - Aaron/Marlane
Marlane attempts to communicate with her strange offspring, but needs Aaron's help. AU

Sula Shags The Universe - R - Sula/Felicia, Sula/Alex, Sula/Collin, Sula/Derringer - Multiple universe crossover.
A bit of crack about Sula and his ability to bed just about anyone, including but not limited to -- Felicia the troll from Scorch County, Alex the self-serving coward from 5ideways, Collin the megalomaniac and Derringer the blond behemoth from FH. Guest-starring Fox!

This Is Home

This Is Home was an unfinished vampire story that had taken characters from Version 1 of Utopia (Mikhael, Harley, Tybalt) and put them in their own story. This is also the story where Gio 'Skids' DiAngelo was first created. Parts were published online, but it was never fully completed, before K. Sandra Fuhr took some of her creations and put them in their own daily webcomic, Boy Meets Boy.

Always The Blade - R (disturbing imagery)
Pain is Tybalt's business, and business is good. Tybalt POV.

Grin Reapers - PG (mild violence) - Crossover with Gundam Wing
Shinigami meets The Soultaker.

Impermanence - R (violence, bloodplay, abuse) - Tybalt/Harley, Mikhael/Harley
Some things don't last forever, but others seem as though they'll never end. Tybalt POV.

Precious Little Else - R (torture, non-con) - Tybalt/Skids
When the Soultaker is captured and is less than cooperative, Mikhael sends in the only vampire who can get the job done just right. Tybalt POV.


There were two versions of this unfinished sci fi epic by K. Sandra Fuhr. Version 1 contained vampire versions of Mikhael, Harley and Tybalt that were adapted for a future vampire-only series entitled This Is Home. Version 2 contained Tybalt as a human, and Collin and Kailen (L'Hssein) that were eventually adapted for BMB/FH.

Gentleman's Agreement - PG - Collin/L'Hssein, Collin/Supai implied. Crossover with my original Incan fiction.
Just how far will Collin go to make a powerful and dangerous ally? Set in the futuristic world of Utopia.

Mercury Rising - NC-17 - Tybalt/Mercurius
Tybalt and Mercurius get drunk. Just what is it like to have sex with a god? Tybalt POV.

Schisms - R - Fox/Collin, Fox/Collin (Utopia) Crossover with Friendly Hostility
Fox wakes up in the world of Utopia. Part of the 100 original fics about Fox. Fox POV.
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